As people who have worked and are working in this field, we want to be the agency that we would have loved to be contacted by.
We don’t want to be just a communication bridge between brands and influencers. We want to educate both parties on what a successful collaboration means.
We want to absolve influencers from having to give explanations about the asking price. We will be the ones who will respond and educate the brand on engagement, picture rights, the work behind your account, respectively its value.
We will help brands by making sure that their products are advertised in the most beneficial way for them when collaborating with an influencer.
We want to be a community that grows together;
that is why you will have access to our workshops with unique speakers from which you can learn things like:
INFLUENCERS: how to create good content, how to maximize your reach and engagement, how to grow your accounts etc.
BRANDS: how to advertise your brand properly, how to gain new customers, how to make your product credible.
There will be activities dedicated to entrepreneurs and each niche of bloggers, offering you the opportunity to get to know each other and discover tips and tricks from each other.
We will always be open to ideas, suggestions, and criticism about what can be improved.
Our goal is to create the ideal environment for you to elevate.


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